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26″ Mini Grom - Cuttlefish

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Is this SmoothStar right for me?

Specifically designed for children between 3 to 8 years of age, the 26” Mini Grom model is the ideal way for parents to introduce surfing to their kids in a fun, controlled and onland environment. It is the entry level surf tool for young children's surfing development.

This is the Hammerhead model and there is another similar model with different graphics the 26" Hammerhead.


Children are now surfing earlier and younger than ever before. We wanted to create a SmoothStar model designed for children with lighter in weight and shorter in surf stance. Using the Mini Grom model, children will be able to repetitively practice surfing on land while perfecting their balance and movement without necessarily having to go to the ocean.

What's so Special?

Apart from the deck size, what sets this model apart from all our other SmoothStar boards is the Mini Thruster located at the front of the board. The Mini Thruster is a revolutionary patented front turning truck that helps simulate how a surfboard turns and moves in the water. It contains soft rubbers inside the turning mechanism instead of springs. This makes it more responsive and easier to turn left and right.

Why choose this model

By using the SmoothStar Mini Grom, children will improve their balance, stance, body movement, and learn the basic principles of turning on a surfboard while having fun. Children will have the opportunity to practice their bottom hand turns, which is the first step of progression towards getting the most out of their surfing.
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